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Thrive from Home (up to age 11)

Thrive Activities (For children up to the age of 11)


The Thrive Approach has been adopted throughout Cathcart Street and helps in the development of understanding social and emotional behaviours. Thrive activities can also be used to help your child regulate if your child is displaying distressed behaviour.


If your child usually has Thrive sessions with Mrs Smith in school, we have posted out a mindfulness pack for your child to work through. We have also posted a timetable of suggested activities for each week. Some of the activities require resources which can be found by following the links below. Many of the activities focus on promoting positive mental health.


Week 2 Activity Links

Monday Activity Link


Week 4 Activity Links

Friday Activity Link


Week 6 Activity Links

Thursday Activity Link


Friday Activity Link


Saturday Activity Link


Week 7 Activity Links

Thursday Activity Link


Saturday Activity Link