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Curriculum Rationale - Early Years Foundation Stage

Here, at Cathcart Street Primary School, we have the very highest of aspirations for our children. We work, alongside our families, to support our children to achieve their full potential and to have the very best start in life.


Our EYFS curriculum is developed using the Birth to 5 Framework and is carefully planned and clearly structured to provide our EYFS children with the support and challenge needed to make the best possible progress. Our curriculum builds upon children’s starting points and is coherently sequenced to scaffold their learning through the EYFS framework and towards the Early Learning Goals. This provides the children with the skills and knowledge needed to progress onto the next stage in Early Years and through into Key Stage 1.


The EYFS curriculum is designed to immerse children in meaningful play-based lessons and continuous provision that will develop their curiosity, independence and love of learning. The EYFS team learn and play alongside the children in a manner of ways to achieve the best outcomes for all pupils.


Our team baseline assess our children on entry into each year group and continue to assess the 17 areas of learning, Speech and Language and Phonics throughout the year. We are quick to identify any children that may need additional support or interventions and swiftly put specific learning programmes in place.


Underpinning our whole EYFS ethos is the promotion of a love of life long learning, independence and resilience. We believe that each child can achieve their full potential, regardless of their starting point.