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Year 6

Autumn Term 1 2023

Welcome Back!

Welcome back everyone to Year 6.

I hope you had a wonderful summer holidays, having a good relax and getting ready for your last year at Cathcart Street. 

Below, you will find some very important information and links.


Autumn Term 1

This is the term when a lot of hard work is completed but there are plenty of exciting topics we will cover.



Monday – Reading records to be handed in, then checked for home reading (4x a week).

 Also, PE is on Monday, so don't forget your kit!!

Friday – You will complete your spelling test and new spellings will be handed out.

You will also be given 2 pieces of work which must be completed for the following Wednesday. 


 Overall, it is important to say that we are always here to help, so come and find us if you need anything at all!

Here’s to a happy and successful half term!

Miss Sheridan & Mrs Alderson

Here are some important websites you will need access to during the term:

Hit the Button 

TT Rock Stars

Bug Club

Language Angels

During this half term, the children will be developing their writing through reading and exploring the following books: Rose Blanche (by Roberto Innocenti) and Anne Frank (by Josephine Poole and Angela Barrett)
In Shared Reading, we are using a range of books, as part of the 'Steps to Read' programme.
Our Class Reader, as voted for by the class children, will be 'Letters from the Lighthouse' by Emma Carroll.
During this half term you will be learning about Place Value and Addition and Subtraction. 
If you would like to do some pre-learning, please follow these links:
Year 6 will be focusing on History this half term, the focus being 'Modern Conflict'. We will explore how Liverpool and Birkenhead were pivotal in WW1 and WW2.
To learn more about these subjects, please investigate the links below:


 Our Science theme this term is Animals (including Humans)e. In this unit, children will identify and name the main parts of the human circulatory system, and describe the functions of the heart, blood vessels and blood. They will recognise the impact of diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle on the way their bodies function, describing the ways in which nutrients and water are transported within animals, including humans

 Here are some great websites where you can do some home research activities:

 Kids Health Website

Britannica Kids

The School Run

DK Find Out - Heart & Blood


Miss L Sheridan
Mrs K Alderson