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Year 1

Year 1 - Autumn 2 2023

 Welcome back Year 1!



This term the pupils will be learing dance and applying our basic fundamental skill: agility. Pupils will need to wear a school P.E. kit and any earrings to be removed at home before coming into school. 

PE kit is white T-shirt, shorts and pumps - all items to be named please. Thank you.



This year we wil lhave a real focus in school on reading. The children will have a daily phonic lesson in the morning. During their phonics lessons the pupils will also read a book matched to their phonics lessons.

The children's reading books sent home will be matched to their current phonic levels. The reading log can be completed at home and in school. Please can the book bag with log and reading book be brought in everyday. Thank you. 

Shared Reading 

  • For our shared reading we will focus on the following texts 
  • Goldilocks and Just One Bear
  • The Owl and the Pussycat. 
During these lessons we will learn reading strategies and skills, comprehension skills, vocabulary and how to refer to the text.
  Goldilocks and Just the One Bear: Amazon.co.uk: Leigh Hodgkinson:  9780857630445: Books           Page 1


Phonics: Read Write Inc

As mentioned above the pupils will participate in a daily phonics session within smaller groups. Phonics will support the pupils both with their reading and writing. Towards the end of Year 1 all pupils will be assessed on their phonics. Consequently thoughout the year the pupils may receive homework to support their phonic knowledge. The phonic screening check will commence the week beginning 10th June 2024. The pupils will read a list of real and non-real (alien) words to assess their decoding skills. 

 Phonics: This Phonics Screening Check will commence week beginning Monday 10th June 2024.

Pupils will have daily phonics lessons using Read Write Inc. Pupils can play phonics games at home to help them such as: 





Spellings will be given out on a Monday and tested on the Friday that week unless there is a bank holiday then we will give out the spellings on a Tuesday. Thank you



Homework will be given out on a Monday and expected back the following Monday unless it is a bank holiday then it will be given out on a Tuesday. 



 Our text this half term will be Rapunzel written by Bethan Woollvin. We will use this text to help us write our own traditional tales and to help us to write instructions. 




For maths this half term we will be learning about addition and subtraction of one digit numbers within 10 and learning to recall number facts to 5 and 10. The pupils will also engage in addition and subtraction of numbers within 10 and solving word problems. The pupils will be learning to identify numbers that are one more and one less for any number to 10. 
The pupils will also be comparing numbers and be introduced to the 'greater than,' 'less than' and 'equal to' symbols. 

 Numbots: Pupils will be given a Numbots login. This will also be placed inside the cover of their reading logs. Pupils will have access in school and can play at home to unlock maths levels. 

 NumBots - Apps on Google Play


Our focus this half term will be to observe seasonal changes. As the seasons change we will also be looking at how the environment is changing and what is happening in nature. We will be visiting the park to work with the Park Rangers. We will also be observing the difference in daylight hours. The children will also learn about parts of animals and the types of food they eat. The pupils will classify animals based on their diet of carnivore, herbivore or omnivore. 



Our topic ths term is Life in my City. We will be learning to identify what physical and human features are in our local area. We will study the school and its grounds. We will be looking at a map of the school grounds, drawing on our knowledge from the Park Rangers, applying of Forest School learning to help us answer a geogaphical enquiry question: Where would be a good place to put a bird hide? 

What do you think birds need? 

What will they need in winter? 

Where would be a good place to hide from the birds and observe them? 

Where is in the school grounds would be a good place to observe birds? 

Do you think need a busy road would be a good place? 

What do you think we could ask the Park Rangers? 

Do we need a map? 

 Thank you 

Mrs West

Mrs West

Year 1 Class Teacher

Mrs Davies

Year 1 Class Teaching Assistant