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The music curriculum at Cathcart street aims to follow the requirements of the national curriculum for music: providing a broad and balanced curriculum that enables the progressive development of musical concepts, knowledge and skills. Our curriculum intents to make music and enjoyable learning experience for all pupils by including music from all genres and cultures. We want children to gain a clear understanding of what music is through the skills of listening, appraising, singing, playing, and composing music of their own.

Our music curriculum carefully plans for the progression of the key musical skills. By the time pupils reach Year 6 they have developed a confident awareness of how music is created.

As part of our language rich curriculum, key vocabulary has a pivotal focus in all curriculum subjects. Musical vocabulary is modelled explicitly to pupils, so overtime pupils become familiar and can begin to use and apply this within their learning.


To support all teaching staff at Cathcart street we have decided to deliver our music curriculum through the use of the award winning Charanga scheme of work. Charanga has enabled teachers to confidently deliver engaging music lessons that are well resourced and allow for steady progression of skills to ensure consistent development across year groups.

Charanga provides a classroom-based participatory and inclusive approach to music learning. Each unit of work also provides all pupils with the opportunity to compose and perform music whilst encouraging them to actively participate in using their singing voices, using body percussion and learning to play musical instruments effectively to create music and express their thoughts and feelings.


As music is a practical subject, assessment takes form of teacher observations along with video recordings of pupil’s work to enable effective monitoring. The key progression and skills documents designed by the Charanga scheme ensure that children are meeting the expectations for their age group.

The curriculum includes a variety of musical activities across all genres and sets pupils up for, we, hope, a life-long love of music and confidence in their creative ability to express themselves through the language of music.