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Computing at Cathcart Street

At Cathcart Street we recognise and respond to the diversity of pupil needs and seek to remove barriers and boundaries to learning.

We demonstrate our commitment to the inclusion of all pupils by increasing the participation of children within the community and the school curriculum and continually seek to raise the standards of education for all, within a culture that delights in celebrating individual achievement. 

All pupils, including those with special educational needs, are entitled to a curriculum which prepares them for a modern society and enables them to function progressively in it. Consequently, Computing can be seen to play a crucial role in developing the skills children need to apply across a wide range of contexts in an ever developing world.

It is the skills in computing which are important. Skills such as searching for information, extracting and evaluating, creating, sifting and discriminating, encourage children to develop analytical thinking throughout the learning process. Information is not an end in itself but exists as a tool for enhancing and extending pupil’s learning and enabling children to reach other goals through the development of skills and integration of Computing across the curriculum.

Computing can be used across a range of subjects so ensuring the commitment to the integration of Information Technology into the wider curriculum and to its continued progression and relevance within a multi-media society. It allows pupils to use initiative and to become independent learners and to make judgements about when best to use Computing at home and in school.


We are currently in a transition period with our computing curriculum and our Long Term Map is in the process of being integrated with our exciting new units.