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SEND at Cathcart Street

All staff at Cathcart Street Primary School recognise children as individuals and that it may be necessary to give additional support over and above that which is normally provided to give full curriculum access.

The school has an agreed Special Educational Needs Policy, which describes in detail the procedures which all staff follow to meet the needs of individuals.

A child is usually identified through the school monitoring and assessment procedures, and from this a system of support is set up. Our aim is to support children through consideration of their individual learning styles and by teaching strategies, which promote independence.

We seek to include all children in every area of the curriculum and we are committed to involving parents at all stages, and believe that their views are extremely valuable. This involvement continues throughout the special needs process.

Our Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO), Mrs Catherine Hughes, can be contacted via the school office by  or email (schooloffice@cathcartstreet.wirral.sch.uk) or by telephone (0151 647 7349).