Year 6

Welcome Back to Spring 1 - 2021

Welcome back to school everyone, to Spring 1

Now we are back to class tables and can get ready for the run up to SATs!!


The homework will continue to run the same and we appreciate your help in supporting you child in their home learning.

Monday – Reading records to be handed in, then checked for home reading (4x a week).

Maths and English homework from the previous week given in.

Wednesday – Maths and English Homework given out,

Friday – Spelling test and New spellings handed out. 

Each half term the children will also be given a ‘Home Learning Project’. This is a variety of activities that relates to the current topic.

Overall, it is important to say that we are always here to help, so come and find us if you need anything at all!

Here’s to a happy and successful term!

Miss Sheridan and Mrs O'Toole

Here are some important websites you will need access to during the term:

Hit the Button 

TT Rock Stars

Bug Club

Language Angels


Civil Rights
In History, we will be learning about the history of the Civil Rights movement in America and how it relates to the current Black Lives Matter issues that we have seen on the news. 
Here are some websites where you can complete some research and further reading, this will allow you to develop your understanding of the changing face of Civil Rights. 


Our Science theme this term is the ‘Changing Circuits'.

Here are some great websites where you can do some home research activities:

DK Find Out - Circuits

Science Zone - Circuits

Science Kids - Circuits

Science Wiz - Circuits & Electricity


  • Miss Sheridan

    Y6 Class Teacher/Senior Leader