Year 6

Year 6

Autumn Term 2018/19

Welcome to Year 6! We are thrilled to meet you all and look forward to the exciting and interesting year ahead. This year your child will be taught by the year 6 team which includes Miss O’Toole (Mon – Thursday) Mrs Gale (Wed-Fri) and our new team member, Mrs Helsby, our full time TA.

This year we will be asking the children to read, do their Maths and English Homework and spellings. Each week the homework will be as follows:

Monday – Reading records to be handed in.

Monday – Maths Homework handed out

Wednesday – English Homework handed in

Friday – English homework handed out

Friday – Spelling test

Friday - New spellings handed out

Each half term the children will also be given a ‘Home Learning Project’. This is a variety of activities that relates to the current topic.

This half term the home learning project is Light in the Darkness. We expect children to bring in their projects week beginning Monday 15th October.

Overall, it is important to say that we are always here to help, so come and find us if you need anything at all!

Thank you for all your help and here’s to a happy and successful year!

Miss O’Toole, Mrs Gale and Mrs Helsby.

  • Ms N O'Toole

    Year 6 Class Teacher (Mon-Thu)

  • Mrs A Gale

    Year 6 Class Teacher (Wed-Fri)

  • Mrs Helsby

    Year 6 Class Teaching Assistant