Year 4

Welcome Back
We are now back at school and it has been wonderful to welcome all of the children after such a long absence. We realise that many of our children had mixed emotions about returning to school; nervous, excited, worried. We have spent the first week talking about how we feel and I am confident that talking and sharing fears have helped everyone feel more relaxed. It is always good to know that you aren't the only one with fears. 
We are however constantly checking in with the children ensuring that they are feeling safe and happy. As you will be aware we have put in place additional measures to help keep us all safe. We do appreciate that this means extra time at the gates, however it is there only to keep us safe.
Lots of things have changes and it will take the children a while to get back into the swing of being at school. They are doing brilliantly and I thank you in advance for your support. I will be sending homework, reading and spellings home each week and it is more important than ever that these are worked on to help the children catch-up. Sleep, early nights and less device time will help us all work harder. I am also a mum so rest assured I am in the same boat!
I am very much looking forward to a great year lots of fun learning with your children.
BUG CLUB UK - On Bug Club, I have assigned you the book: Machines on the Move by Clive Gifford.  Below is a list of writing activities that you can complete in your exercise book.


Week 11

  • Mon – Read pages 2 & 3 and answer the questions. If you could go on an aeroplane to visit any place in the world, where would you go and why?
  • Tues – Read pages 4 and 5 and answer the questions. There is nothing about rowing boats in this section. Can you write a paragraph about rowing boats and how they are powered?
  • Weds – Read pages 6 to 9 and answer the questions. Imagine you are on the train, describe your journey through the city.
  • Thurs – Read pages 12 and 13 and answer the questions. Trains can be very dangerous. Write a warning poster about being around trains.
  • Fri – Read pages 14 & 15 and answer the questions. Look at the pictures of the worksite, use your best descriptive words to write a setting description.

Week 12

  • Mon – Read to the end of page 17 and answer the questions. One of the trucks is carrying a whole house! How is it able to do that? Explain why it can carry a house in America but it couldn’t carry your house.
  • Tues - Read to the end of page 21 and answer the questions. They talk about helicopters in this part. Tell me about 3 different jobs that helicopters do to help us.
  • Weds - Read to the end of page 25 and answer the questions. This part is about travelling on the water. Explain to me why it is important, particularly for people living in Wirral, to learn how to swim.
  • Thurs - Read to the end of page 27 and answer the questions. Recently, 2 American astronauts flew to space to join others on the ISS (International Space Station) Write a diary, taking on the role of an astronaut, about a day on the ISS. 
  • Fri - Read to the end of the book and answer the questions. Are there any forms of transport that they missed out that you’d like to write about e.g. skateboards, motorbikes, airships, hovercrafts. Try writing a paragraph about them.
Here is a Home Learning Pack. If you cannot download it and print it off, simply view it on the website and answer the questions in the exercise book you were given when we first broke up.
If you get the chance, pop into school and there are paper copies of the learning pack in the reception area. Take one.
WHITE ROSE MATHS:Visit the home-learning section of the website and try some of the Year 4 lessons. You need to watch the video and then answer the questions on the worksheets. Don’t worry about printing them out- just use your jotter to take a note of your answers. After you have finished, you can self-mark using the answers page. There are two weeks’ worth of lessons on there already and they are adding more every day!
You can also practice your times tables on TT Rock Stars:
And practice you multiplications, divisions, halves and doubles on Hit The Button:
KS2 BITESIZE -  This website has so many activities from Maths and English to Science and History. You can even practice your Spanish at home on this website. There are also daily lessons published for all ages. Look on the website for their new dedicated TV channel full of learning content, podcasts on BBC Sounds and loads of educational videos on iPlayer. This link will take you to the KS2 Bitesize Science clips and lessons. 
ONE GEOLOGY: Follow the link to read about Rivers, which is our new Geography topic. There are quizzes, games and competitions. You could create a fact file about particular rivers or the most fascinating facts you find out!
While you are learning from home, you have lots of opportunities to do some great art work. Below you can find some links to great Art activities to be completed, using You Tube videos:

Drawing a Beach: Can you draw a beach scene?   DRAWING A BEACH

Drawing a Dolphin: Can you draw a dolphin? DRAWING A DOLPHIN

Drawing a Seahorse: Can you draw a beautiful seahorse? DRAWING SEAHORSES

Drawing an Underwater Scene: Can you draw an underwater scene? DRAWING AN UNDERWATER SCENE

JOE WICKS -  Follow Joe Wicks as he completes a work out at 9am each morning on YouTube! Simply search for ‘The Body Coach’ and join his channel.
When all this does end and we get back to school, our next topic is Rivers.
We will be learning about the rivers around us locally, such as the Mersey and the Dee. We will be learning what the features of a river are and how they allow communities and other habitats to flourish. 
Here are some great websites where you can do some pre-learning:
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