Year 2

Spring (2) 2020
03.05.20 Dear Year 2 pupils. 
I hope you are all well and looking after yourselves. 
There is homework ready for you on the front desk by the office for you to collect from 04.05.20. There are 4 days worth of work as Friday is a Bank Holiday. Stay Safe. from Mrs West
 03.04.20 Hope the Year 2 pupils and their families are keeping fit and healthy. 
Additional homework for the weeks 20.04.20 and 27.04.20 is being prepared and will be ready for collection when the school re opens on 20.4.20. The work will be in the front office. 
24.03.20 Hope you are keeping safe. 
Additional home school work as follows: 
1. Can you write in your blue books a set of instructions with a labelled diagram of 'How to wash your hands or how to brush your teeth'? 
2. To work all the fact families for number bonds to 20 
     e.g. I know 15 + 5 = 20 
so I also know: 5 + 15 = 20
                        20 - 15 = 5
                        20 - 5 = 15              
another example: 
14 + 6 = 20
6 + 14 = 20
20 - 14 = 6
20 - 6 = 14
3. Phonics game.
There are a range of phonics games on this website. Please practice your digraphs in Phase 5 with the green and pink alien. 
Just a reminder to label coats, jackets and any other school uniform. As the weather changes the children may want to bring in labelled with names hats, gloves and scarves.Thank you for your support.  
P.E. will be on a Friday and we will start our first lesson 28th February. Please make sure your P.E. kit is in for this date. Thank you.
The children will get changed into black shorts, black pumps and white t-shirt. Please can names be put P,E. kits to make it easier for the children to make sure they have their kit back in their bag. Thank you.
Homework will be sent on a Monday/ Tuesday if an INSET day and returned the following Monday of each week. If the children complete the homework before the Monday they are more than welcome to hand it in beforehand.
We will be doing various reading opportunities throughout the week in school from guided reading, shared reading, comprehension reading and individual reading. Each child will read in school every day. The children will be given their own individual reading book and reading log to take home to share. The children will now have three books to take home. 
1. A reading book matched to their phonics.
2. A Read Write Inc book which will be the book they have been reading in school matched to their phonics that they have read at least three times in school.
3. Any book that they choose. This can be a book they have previously enjoyed, read before, a chosen library book or a book that they want to read with you. The children can change these books as often as they like and will be promoted to choose independently.
All pupils have had the opportunity to create a Rock Star maths avatar in school. The pupils can use the times table rockstars programme both at home and in school. This is a programme we launched last year for Y2 - Y6 to help the children with their times tables. A note for parents that the calculations show both the multiplication and division facts.
The maths link below (Hit the Button) has a variety of interactive games that the children can play to help learn and improve their recall of maths facts.
Our topic this term will focus on 'Changing of Shapes'.  We will learn and find out how the shapes of solid objects made from some materials can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching. the purpose and use of everyday materials. The pupils will be encouraged to describe materials so the following vocabulary maybe useful.
Vocabulary you may want to learn:
flexible, waterproof, absorb, wood, plastic, glass, brick, paper, fabric, cardboard, metal, rubber, shiny, hard, bendy, twisting, stretching, squashing.
For geography  this half term we will begin with learning about seas and oceans. The pupils will learn how to identify oceans and continents, human and physical features, British  Seas and compare British and world beaches. The pupils will learn about compass points. Can you find a large compass on the school grounds?
  • Mrs West

    Year 2 Class Teacher

  • Mrs Alderson

    Year 2 Teaching Assistant