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Message from Miss Davies

Hello Year 1, here at school we are counting down the days until we can hopefully welcome some more of you back to school. We are all missing you dearly and hope you are looking after yourselves at home. For those who are hopefully returning we will be brushing up on some of the skills we have already learnt this year in hope to prepare you for your move to Year 2. For those remaining at home we will continue to prepare weekly work packs which are available for collection at the beginning of each week from the school office. In addition, I will be uploading as many extra learning opportunities as possible to this page for you to engage with so please check regularly for updates.


Our focus story this week is: Lost and Found- By Oliver Jeffers. (video of the story on the link below)

Day 1: The story begins with a little boy who finds a penguin at his door. How did the penguin get there? Where did the penguin come from? Talk about this with someone at home. Can you then draw a story map or write a short story about the journey the penguin went on to reach the little boys door.

Day 2: In the story penguin looks sad. We have learnt this year already that we can make our writing more interesting by choosing better vocabulary. Can you think of synonyms for sad? (remember a synonym is a word that is different but has a very similar meaning for example instead of sad the author could have used the word devastated). Think of some of your own and use them in a simple sentence.

Day 3: Now you have heard the story look at the pictures on the pdf document attached to this page, draw some speech bubbles and write down some ideas of what you think the characters might be saying, thinking or feeling at this point in the story.

Day 4: create a found poster that the boy could use to help people to identify the penguin and help him get home. You could write a description about the penguin describing his different features for example ‘He has soft black feathers and…’ you could draw a picture of penguin too so that your poster is eye catching.

Day 5: imagine you have found a strange creature at your door, write a short story about an adventure you imagine you would go on with this creature.


Look at the pdf document attached below, there are lots of problems that are all about adding by counting on discuss them with someone at home, you could draw models, use objects around the house, or a number square to help you.

Phonics- Read write Inc.

This week in Read write inc we have been recapping some of the sounds we know already:

For those reading sound blending or red books: practice the sound ‘ch’ ask someone at home to help you to spell and read some words with this sound in. (e.g. chip, chop, chick, bunch, chat)

For those reading green and purple books: practice the sound ‘ay’ ask someone at home to help you to spell and read some words with this sound in. (e.g. day, play, stay, may, spray)

For those on any other colour book: practice the split digraph ‘a-e’ ask someone at home to help you to spell and read some words with this sound in. (e.g. game, name, frame, shake, cake)


Useful links to additional resources:

Literacy counts- story time counts, stories, videos, parent support and more.

Oxford owl- phonics resources, advice for parents and links to activities.

Phonics play- segmenting and blending games

Active learn- bug club and science bug children use login details in reading log to access stories games and resources.

Hit the button quick fire maths games


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