Y2 Online Homework 05.01.21

Year 2 Isolation working from home 
Week beginning Tuesday 5th January 2021. 
Dear Year 2 pupils, 
Unfortunately we are unable to meet and greet you at the moment and hope you all stay safe at home. 
Although you are at home your learning will still continue. Here are some lessons for you to complete at home. 
Open the English lessons from the link below. Each lesson has a video to teach you and activities linked to the learning.
Please complete Lessons 1 - 4 only.  There is one English lesson for each day this week.
Lesson 1 - To listen to a story. Watch this video and write down what you
1. liked about the story. 
2. Disliked about the story
3. What puzzled / confused you.
4. Can you connect this story to any other story your know? 
We have completed these four activities several times in class. 
Lesson 2 - To tell a story from memory.
Please complete the lesson and work that follows.
Lesson 3 - To build descriptive language.
You have learned about adjectives in class and are brilliant at sharing these with me such as;
big    tiny     red      soft      rough    huge     dangerous       happy     etc maybe these will help you with building descriptive language. 
Lesson 4 - Year 2 have been learning about expanded noun phrases in class therefore please complete lesson 4. 
Reading: I have re set everyone's Bug Club books on Bug Club. Please read 2 of these books and complete the on-line activities.
 Thank you
Phonics There are some free phonics resources on the following website to play.  https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/resources
 This week in maths (05.01.21) our maths learning focus is number and place value. 
click on the link above and complete the lessons as set below.
 Choose: Numbers within 100.
Lesson 1 - Complete numbers within 100. 
Lesson 2 - Identify tens and ones in a 2 digit number.
Lesson 3 - Partitioning 2 digit numbers (Part 1)
Lesson 4 - Partitioning 2 digit numbers (Part 2).
Lesson 5 -  Exploring the components of numbers within 100. 
Don't forget you can also practise your mental maths on Hit the Button and TT Rockstars.
We have been learning about what animals and humans need to survive. We have also been learning about healthy lifestyles. Please complete the lessons on this website:
Lesson 1 - What are the different parts of the human body. 
Lesson 2 - Why is exercise so important?
Lesson 3 - What is a healthy diet.
Lesson 4 - How do our bodies change as we get older? 
Lesson 5 - Why is it important to by hygienic? 
Lesson 6 - Whose job is it to keep us healthy?
Can you research who Florence Nightingale was?
Create a poster to explain what she did, where she went and why is she important today through the changes she made. 
Florence Nightingale - Wikipedia
Open the link above for music and choose the section related to Rhythm and complete the 6 lessons.
Hopefully this will not last for too long and I can see you soon. 
Stay safe and look after yourselves.
Mrs West