Uniform Consultation

25th March 2019

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From September, we are wishing to introduce a shirt and tie with a V-necked knitted jumper or cardigan (with logo). 

Polo shirts and sweatshirts will no longer be worn.

All children will be provided with a tie from school.  We are currently sourcing the most reasonable prices for jumpers, ready for September. When we return from spring break, we will have examples of the proposed uniform that parents can view in the school office.

The new uniform from September would be:

  •         White Shirt
  •         School Tie
  •         V-neck knitted jumper or cardigan with logo
  •         Black or brown shoes
  •         Charcoal grey trousers, pinafore or skirt
  •         Summer dress (red check)
  •         Charcoal grey shorts

Please let us have your comments.


Current Uniform Reminder

  •         Training shoes are not part of our uniform. 
  •         Extreme hair for boys or girls such as shaven lines, dyed colour is not permitted.
  •         Hair longer than shoulder length must be tied up in black or red hairbands or small ribbon.
  •         P.E kit including pumps must be in school in a named bag.
  •         All clothing must be named in order for lost items to be returned.