Physical Education

Physical activity not only improves health, reduces stress and improves concentration, but also promotes correct physical growth and development. Exercise has a positive influence on academic achievement, emotional stability and interaction with others. We provide the broad and balanced programme of physical education we believe every child should have; with activities designed to be enjoyable, vigorous, purposeful and regular.

Through providing positive experiences, a lifelong interest in physical activity is encouraged. The range of physical activities is wide and includes athletics, dance, games, gymnastics, swimming and outdoor education. 

PE in school for years 1-6 is delivered by our PE specialist teacher, Mr McGovern. A high quality programme is designed to satisfy the needs, abilities and interests of all individual children. A wide range of after-school clubs are also available for all children from years 1-6 to participate in. During the Summer Term, Foundation 2 will also be invited.


Swimming Data
For current year 2017/18, 18 out of 30 Year 6 pupils can independently swim 25m.  This equates to 60% of the class.