Phased Return Letter

3rd June 2020

Dear Parents,

Parent Information for Returning to School

We are now ready to welcome some more children back to school, after comprehensive planning and risk assessment. 

School will be different to what the pupils normally experience. We would request that you kindly stick to the correct arrival and departure times. A Parent protocol is available on our website. Government guidance has meant we have changed our behaviour policy, all children will be expected to carefully follow the rules to help keep everyone safe.

You MUST update your telephone contacts, we will not keep a child in school displaying symptoms of Covid 19, and they will be expected to be collected immediately by you or a relative. 

Please see below for important points to remember.

  • You must ring school to inform if your child/ward will be absent from school
  • All entry via St. Anne’s Street gates
  • No entry to front office
  • Staggered times to avoid congestion
  • Pupils to line up on spots on arrival
  • Parents to wait on spots at end of day, children will be released one at a time
  • Please read the Parent Protocol on the website
  • Gates will be locked other than at arrival and collection times
  • Children, including keyworker children, will be expected in every day, you must telephone if they are absent (usual absence procedures)
  • Children’s Non-Contact Temperatures will be taken on arrival
  • Breakfast arrival is strictly 8:30, no late arrivals
  • Children will stay in their ‘bubble group’ and have different play times, in different areas of the school
  • Uniform and trainers are optional, pleased provide a named sunhat, we cannot provide them due to cross contamination.
  • Please apply suncream if necessary.
  • Lunch is a cold lunch will be served in the classroom.  No hot meals will be offered.  If you pay for lunch, usual arrangements apply.
  • Some areas of school are closed e.g. library.

The table below highlights each class and the information required. 

Thank you for your continued support during this time.  We look forward to seeing more of you in the coming weeks

Kind regards

Deborah Richards (Mrs.)