NHS Careers Talk - Y4 & 5

14th March 2019
NHS Boardroom to Classroom Presentation
As part of their Young Chamber programme, Years 4 and 5 welcomed Karen Howell, Chief Executive, and Alison Hughes, Director of Corporate Affairs, of Wirral NHS Trust to school.  Following a reception brunch served by some of the pupils, Ms Howell and Ms Hughes discussed their careers and aspirations for pupils' futures.  Our pupils had a super morning and were very inspired.
Here are quotes from two of our Year 5 pupils:
Madison : 
"Karen trained as a nurse and has worked for the NHS for over 40 years.  Alison studied languages at university and has worked in Chile.  In their current jobs, they make big decisions at important boardroom meetings.
We were able to ask questions, and talked about some of the jobs we would like to do when we are older.  These included being a medic in the army, a beautician, a writer and illustrator."
Jack :
"Karen and Alison discussed what they do in their jobs, and the roles they have done to get where they are now.  There are 141 roles within the NHS.  As well as doctors, nurses and surgeons, other jobs include IT technicians, office and finance workers, and porters. 
Karen and Alison talked about the importance of getting a good education and working hard at school to go on and get qualifications and even go to college or university"