Elf on the Shelf 2019

12th December 2019
Thursday 12th December
Jingle has been busy overnight - he’s been zip wiring through the school!
Wednesday 11th December
Jingle has been very greedy and gobbled up all the Christmas treats!
Tuesday 10th December
Jingle has been up to his old tricks - today we caught him up a tree throwing snowballs!
Monday 9th December
Following last week's shenanigans, someone has tied Jingle up to stop him getting into any more mischief!
Friday 6th December
How has Jingle made it all the way up high on the hall wall?  Do you think he used ladders? Elf and safety etc....!
Wednesday 4th December
Jingle has been practicing his maths overnight, and he’s clearly been paying attention in class as he got them all correct - well done! Miss O’Toole will be delighted!
However, does Jingle really deserve 100,000 dojo’s he has awarded himself?
Tuesday 3rd December
Jingle has been very busy overnight carefully cutting out snowflakes in the Year 2 classroom.