Curriculum Rationale - Years 1 - 6

At Cathcart Street we have the very highest aspirations for all of our children to achieve above and beyond the community expectations, reflected in our ethos and vision mantra “Learn today, aspire for life” and our “Cathcart Values for Life”.

We wish to equip children with the values and confidence to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.  Our aim is to challenge attitudes and embedded cultures that are prevalent in our community and equip children with the ambition to succeed in the next stage of their education.  Through our Philosophy for Children (P4C) curriculum, our children develop skills to think critically, reflect, develop emotional awareness and explore values and assumptions, therefore becoming adept at reasoning.

Our curriculum is based on developing the whole child with equal weighting to personal development and character building.  We strive to develop children who have resilience, courage and the determination to succeed.  We wish our children to develop the essential life skills to become responsible citizens by providing the knowledge, skills and values our children need to function effectively as global, national and local citizens.

The curriculum is broad and balanced with as many opportunities as possible to provide experiences that are exciting, engaging and motivating.  Within the curriculum, there is clear progression and content cover with emphasis on key skills, imagination, curiosity and creativity.

Our curriculum:

  • Is underpinned by rationale for our children
  • Is designed to develop the whole person
  • Has clear progression in knowledge, skills and understanding
  • Is rich and has first-hand purposeful experiences
  • Embeds and displays our Cathcart Values for Life
  • Encourages the use of places and expertise beyond the classroom
  • Has a local, national and international dimension
  • Has an eye on the future and needs of future citizens
  • Is relevant to our children and the community
  • Is exciting, motivating and creative
  • Is outward facing and continually evolving

Our school covers the 2013 National Curriculum.  If you would like to find out more information, please click on the link below.

National Curriculum