Coronavirus : Statement

30th January 2020
30/01/2020 Statement from Paul Satoor, Wirral Council Chief Executive on Coronavirus Outbreak:

'You will be aware of the current situation in Wuhan City, China and the novel coronavirus outbreak.  

Earlier today it was confirmed that a flight was being arranged to bring British nationals back to the UK and that they will be housed, temporarily, in the accommodation block at Arrowe Park Hospital. This is a separate building and is not a hospital ward.

The situation is being co-ordinated and monitored by the Department of Health and all necessary health and welfare measures are being taken, as is the case with any situation of this kind. 

I am being reassured by the Department of Health that the housing of these individuals and families in the accommodation block at Arrowe Park will not put Wirral communities at any extra risk.

There are currently no confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK or of UK citizens abroad

The flight will land tomorrow (31st January), and everyone on board will be screened for any symptoms relating to coronavirus. The passengers will then be brought to Wirral where, as a precaution, they will remain in isolation for 14 days in the accommodation block at Arrowe Park Hospital. If anyone becomes unwell after arrival they will be treated following appropriate protocols.

The NHS are the lead agency in this operation, but as a first responder, the council has a role in supporting the situation. We are meeting several times a day, including with our partners, and I will share more information with you when I can. 

There is information available on the Public Health England website:'