After School Clubs

At Cathcart Street, we offer a wealth of after school extra curricular activities - all free of charge.
These activities are delivered with a view to increase the experiences that children have, enabling them to make informed choices. We aim to provide pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 with the opportunity to participate in at least one of these activities.
By encouraging participation in extra-curricular activities we:
  • Enable children to sample a range of activities and pursuits that will help them choose leisure activities for later life;
  • Enable children to have fun and enjoy a broad range of activities;
  • Enable children to extend their enjoyment of particular areas of learning through more indepth study and activity;
  • Encourage children to develop friendships between age groups and work together cooperatively.
During the autumn term of 2019/20, we are offering the following extra curricular activities:
  • Monday Y1-3 MULTI SKILLS with Mr Morgan, Mrs Di Miceli and Mrs Alderson

  • Monday Y4-6 ART with Mrs Davies and Miss Harris

  • Tuesday Y3-6 CHOIR with Mrs Tickell

  • Thursday Y1-3 FIRST AID with Mrs Dixon and Miss Gibb

  • Thursday Y4-6 FOOTBALL with Mr Morgan and Miss Bell
All clubs finish at 4.15pm, and children should be picked up at the front entrance.
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