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The World Reimagined Globe

The World Reimagined is a national art education project featuring globally-recognised artists to transform how we understand the Transatlantic Slave Trade and its impact on us all.

For too long, the history of the Transatlantic Trade in Enslaved Africans has been untold, mistaught or misrepresented. In the UK, we celebrate with pride the Trade’s abolition - but the people who were enslaved and their descendants; Britain’s role in the Trade’s creation; and the Trade’s devastating legacy are usually missing from how history is told. This is not ‘Black History’, this is all of our history. 

We are living in a key moment for racial justice. It calls on us to courageously face our shared history with honesty, empathy and grace.

Our school has been involved in this amazing project and have created a globe that depicts our vision of racial justice and reimagining the future. You can learn more about our globe by visiting The World Reimagined website once the trails go live on the 13th August and find out where it will be located along with other globes across the city.

The Year 3 children worked with an artist called Jioni Warner using African prints they came up with their own inspired designs which Jioni then put together to create the globe’s theme.

Jioni then worked with children from Year 6 to make that design become reality. They firstly drew the design onto the globe and then using acrylic paints added the bold and vibrant colours to ensure they captured Africa’s unique visual expressions of culture, its beliefs, and history. 

I have included a few visual images to help support the journey we took.

We hope you'll have the chance to visit The World Reimagined trail - and our Globe! - when the trails are live from 13th August to 31st October.

To find out where our Globe will be exhibited for you to visit, please go to www.theworldreimagined.org from Saturday 13th August 2022.

Mrs Brierley