Year 6

Hi Year 6,

We hope you are all staying at home, keeping safe and not missing us too much in school. We are missing teaching you all and hope that we will be back to normal before long. Over the past couple of weeks it has been lovely to talk to most of you or your parents on the phone and to know that you are safe and well. If we have not managed to get in contact with you we will try again soon.


In the mean time we will be regularly adding links and work packs that you can complete at home below. There are also work packs in the school reception which can be collected by an adult. We can't wait to see you all again and hear about what you have all been doing. 


Be kind to each other on social media and look after one another. 


 Miss O’Toole and Mrs Elniff

Year 6 Home Learning Links

White Rose Maths: visit the home-learning section of the website and try some of the Year 6 lessons. You need to watch the video and then answer the questions on the worksheets. Don’t worry about printing them out- just use your jotter to take a note of your answers. After you have finished, you can self-mark using the answers page. There are two weeks’ worth of lessons on there already and they are adding more every day!


My Mini Maths: Follow the link to the My Mini Maths website and try the daily activities- these are brilliant for your arithmetic practice.


BBC School Radio: listen to one (or more) of the Key Stage Two stories (these are told in episodes) such as Private Peaceful or Oliver Twist, and write a review of the story. You could even create a front cover and blurb for the book. Most of all, enjoy listening to a new story- there are lots to choose from!


Kids Classroom Secrets: Follow the link to the website- an adult at home will need to sign you up but it is quick, easy and completely free! On this website you can choose your year group and then complete lots of different activities, quizzes and games based on a range of subjects.


BBC Bitesize: This website has so many activities from Maths and English to Science and History. You can even practice your Spanish at home on this website. There are also daily lessons published for all ages. Look on the website for their new dedicated TV channel full of learning content, podcasts on BBC Sounds and loads of educational video on iPlayer.


National Geographic: Follow the link to read about the world of animals and geography. There are quizzes, games and competitions. You could create a fact file about particular animals or the most fascinating facts you find out!


Art: For these activities all you will need is a pencil, plain paper and a ruler (and possibly some patience and resilience). Watch the tutorials and give them a go- you will be amazed with some of the effects!


 Sketch a room as if you are looking in to it using perspective:


Optical illusion- draw a hole in the page!


Draw a letter floating above the page.


Draw 3d buildings and skyscrapers:


PE: Follow Joe Wicks as he completes a work out at 9am each morning on YouTube! Simply search for ‘The Body Coach’ and join his channel.


  • Miss O'Toole

    Year 6 Class Teacher / Senior Leader

  • Mrs Elniff

    Year 6 Class Teacher / Senior Leader

  • Miss Bell

    Year 6 Teaching Assistant