Year 4 Isolation Resources

Year 4 - Isolation Resources

Hello Year 4!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a super Christmas and ate lots of sprouts…

Mr Morgan and I were so excited to see all of you this morning, it's very quiet without you all here...and tidy!

I am sending home some learning to keep you all busy this week. You can complete the work on the sheets and send it back to school on Friday when next week's work will be ready for collection. From next week your work will be given to you on paper but it will also be on Google Classrooms which you can access via your device and login using your email and password. If you can’t remember then you email me and I will send it to you.

I have included English, maths and guided reading for the next 3 days. Wednesday there is also a history task and Thursday you can begin gathering magazines for art (Ask first!)

You also have a book to read via bug club and TTRockstars practice to keep you busy. I have updated your accounts so you will find your 6,7 and 9 times table to practice.

Be good, stay safe and don't forget to look at your Google Classroom.

Love Mrs Clarke x

Guidance for Online Learning - Google Classroom
For those children who are learning online using the google classroom platform, here are some tips to logging on and completing your work online. The home learning pack will be uploaded on a Monday morning onto google classroom, it is here where you can view the task for the day. Online learners will still be completing all of the tasks in a book that will be sent home but can submit their work onto google classroom by taking a photograph and marking the task as done. This will help children keep track on where they are up to and engage with others in the class as well as myself and Mr Morgan. Teachers will be readily available during the day to reply to comments and mark submitted work. Online learners are also asked to follow the same timetable as paper learners so that all of the curriculum is covered for children at home. 
Logging On
To log on to google classroom children will need their school computer log in followed by and the same password they use to log on to the computers in school. If children are unsure of their log in they can find it in their reading log or contact school. 
If children are using an apple or android device a free app to access google classroom, where they remain logged in until logging out. This might stop problems logging in each day. Children who are accessing google classroom using a laptop or computer will need to go to the google website and log in using their details. In the top right hand corner of the screen there is a box made up of nine dots, after clicking that classroom will appear. 
Below are some useful videos to help you and your children understand google classroom and class teachers will be available for support once logged in. 





Follow the link below.

Answer the quiz before watching the clip

What did the Romans believe?

In this lesson we will learn about the religious beliefs of the Romans. We will begin by looking at the similarities and differences between the Romans and the Celts. We will then find out what the Imperial Cult was and finally look at the fascinating story of how Christianity spread across Roman England.

If you can’t access this link go to;


2/ subjects

3/ Key stage 2

4/ History

5/ The Romans



Below you will find 2 maths lessons for this week. The questions ask you to draw a bar model and write a number sentence for each question. Look at the example below before you start and remind yourself what one looks like. Impress your adults and write one for them using a different idea!

What is a Bar Model? - Answered - Twinkl Teaching Wiki



Reading Time!
Read the passage below and answer the following questions.
If you have collected your work pack then all of this work is inside and you can ask your adult for help to follow the above instructions for uploading a photograph of your answers.
Reading Task
Get Back on the Bike (Part 1)
“Vincent! Stop! You’re going too fast!” That was the last part Vincent could remember. He must have hit his head in the crash. Thank goodness he was wearing a helmet! His mother had told him that, after she had screamed, he had tried to slow down. She had seen him grab his brakes before he disappeared around the corner and she heard the awful noise of his bicycle skidding and smashing into the bins outside Mr. Dubord’s shop. Vincent did not remember hitting the bins, although he could remember a rather disgusting smell all around him when he woke up to see his mother’s face. Everything was still a bit fuzzy but he had certainly ended up in an ambulance. He could remember his arm feeling like it was on fire and a horrible pain in his leg. The doctors said he was very lucky. The burning feeling turned out to be just some grazes. His leg was broken, but not too badly. A month or two with it in a cast and he would be fine. “Fine enough to ride again?” he had asked a doctor eagerly. “If your mother will let you get back on a bicycle!” the man had joked. Vincent’s mother had not laughed. At least one good thing had come out of the crash. Limping to the corner where he had crashed, leaning heavily on his crutch and badly scratched bicycle, Vincent was moved to the front of the crowd to get a better look at the riders of the Tour de France as they whizzed through the village. What a great spot! Right on the outside of the bend, Vincent could see all the way up the high street to where the cyclists would come flying around past the bakery. He would be able to watch them speed straight towards him, whip around the corner in front of him and then off down the hill out of the village. Vincent had made sure he had got to the spot with lots of time to spare. He was not going to miss a chance to see some of his heroes in person! His wall at home was covered in ripped out pages of cycling magazines showing the famous riders and their amazing bicycles: Chris Froome from Team Sky; young Adam Yates from Team Orica Scott; Romain Bardet from Team Ag2R. He had even managed to find a newspaper article about his favourite rider, François Bonnet, who had grown up riding the very same streets as Vincent. François was his hero. He was living the life Vincent wanted to live. 
Reading Task Get Back on the Bike (Part 1)
1. ‘He was living the life Vincent wanted to live.’ What does this sentence tell you about Vincent’s hopes and dreams?
2. Do you think the opening paragraph is effective in grabbing the readers’ attention? Why?
3. After reading up to ‘Vincent’s mother had not laughed’, write a short summary of what happened to Vincent.
4. Who is your favourite character in the story so far? Why?