Summer Term 2017/18 - Year 4

Forest School – Year 4

This summer term we saw our year 4 class group embrace the great outdoors in our Forest School Adventures!

Children took part in completing a Forest School Achievement Log Book, whereby they had to record activities they had attempted in order to earn their badge.

Activities included:

  • Show you can be helpful to others and during tasks
  • Lead the group activity
  • Make something from clay
  • Learn and practice the fire safety rules
  • Build a den
  • Identify tools and make a wooden puppet

Our Forest School Programme has proved to be very popular with our Cathcart Street Children. We have seen our children grow in confidence, find a solution to solve a problem and have self-belief that they can do it! As a result, we have seen accelerated learning through listening and paying attention to follow rules for the safety of themselves and their team friends!