Spring Term 2018/19

Forest School children have fun in the snow!

30th January 2019

What a fantastic opportunity for our forest school children to take part in sledging in the snow, and making snow angels!

We braved the weather and had so much fun and laughter, sledging down the hill.

Here, the children were able to listen to safety instructions, take turns, and then hold tight as they whooshed, down the hill!


Forest School Children take part in the Mayor's Presentation

6th February 2019

Our forest school group are certainly getting lots of opportunities to learn all about our planet, the environment and recycling to help keep our park tidy!

Today we took part in the showing of the “recycled tree” and the opening of the “Elf Village.”

The children learnt so much about playing their part in putting rubbish in the bin, and how it affects our animals and wildlife if we don’t recycle. 

The Elf Village is part of the forest school programme where children can expand on their ideas, open up their creative minds and become active in story telling!