Return to School Letter

22nd May 2020

22nd May 2020

To Parents of Confirmed Returning Pupils

This information is subject to change pending Gov. U.K advice on 28th May

We are writing to you as you have confirmed with us that you wish your child to return to school in June. This letter should be read in conjunction with the Parent Protocol on the website.

Our Governing Board are now in a position to offer a return to school for some year groups in line with Government policy, as well as key worker families and those pupils who may benefit from being back in school due to other circumstances. We have already asked all of you if you wish your child to return in June, and some children, we feel, would benefit particularly from the structure school offers, and input from staff.

School have today received instructions from the Local Authority, following consultation with unions and the Department for Education, that they wish to see more pupils in school, and not bring in additional Y6, Y1, F2 or F2 until at least 8th June. This is later than we had planned.

School has taken every step to follow robust risk assessments and plans for health and safety, first aid, cleaning, pastoral care etc. and we are ready to welcome pupils back.

Upon returning to school, those pupils entitled to a free school meal will have a cold lunch in their classrooms. Children on packed lunch should bring their packed lunch in as usual. We will not accept late lunches. If you pay for dinner, it is usual arrangements.

Supermarket vouchers are continuing to be issued if your child is entitled to free school meals and is at home.

Your child may no longer be in the same classroom or with the same teacher, some pick and drop off points have changed. In order to minimise the risk to staff and pupils from cross contamination from Covid-19, parents are asked to strictly adhere to our protocols. E.g. we will no longer accept late arrivals or early pick-ups, or drop in to the school office. Pupils will be expected to attend every day and follow usual absence procedures.

A new Government behaviour policy amendment has been introduced, so any child who puts staff or another child’s safety at risk through their behaviour or does not follow school rules, will have their offer of a place withdrawn.

Currently our groups will operate with up to 15 pupils, with one teacher and one teaching assistant.

Not all year groups will return at the same time. School will only admit pupils whose parents have previously confirmed attendance. We are not offering a drop in. This is because we have to plan carefully for staff numbers in light of high staff absence due to Covid related matters.

Return Dates. These are the planned dates subject to change…

Y6 to return on Monday 8th June at 9.15am line up at the classroom door on white spots and leave at 3.15pm. 

Y6 are not permitted to congregate in the playground before 9.15am if they walk to school by themselves

Y1 to return on Monday 15th June at 9.00am line up on playground on white spots and leave at 3.00pm

F2 to return on Tuesday 16th June at 9.15am line up at F2 classroom door on white spots and leave at 3.15pm

F1 to return on Monday 22nd June at 9.00am line up at F1 classroom door on white spots and leave at 12.00pm, there is no afternoon session on offer.

EYFS parents cannot enter the classrooms with their child, and will have to say good bye at the door, so please prepare your child for this, and remember staff have to maintain a 2m distance, so we cannot bring them in by the hand. Pupils with additional needs may need to be supported by an additional return plan, e.g. a visit to school before start day, our SENCO will telephone you if this is the case.

The playground will have line up points marked with white spots. Parents are requested to wait on these at the end of the day for pick up. Please keep to 2m distancing.

All entrance and exit will by via the main playground entrance in St. Anne’s Street and the EYFS gate. The front gates will be locked. This is to support social distancing.

Please remember school is closed Monday 1st June, so staff can be re trained and updated with the latest health & safety guidance.

We look forward to seeing many of you back.

with thanks

Kind regards

Deborah Richards