Free School Meals during Covid-19

Wednesday 22nd April : The next free school meal voucher has been sent today via email (please check your junk mailbox).  The voucher is for £60 per child to last for the next four weeks.
Mrs Tickell
School Business Manager

Free School Meals : Covid-19

Since the school closed to all pupils (except those of keyworkers) on Friday 20th March, my team and I have been working hard to ensure that a free school meals provision is available to pupils.

As you know, we are currently offering daily grab and go packed lunches.  This provision will end on Friday 3rd April.

As you are aware, we do not normally offer a free school meals provision during school holidays.  However, during this unprecedented time of uncertainty, we will be ensuring that the parents of children most in need receive support to buy food during the spring break.  The funding to schools for this period will be reimbursed by Wirral Borough Council.

From Monday 6th April (beginning of the official spring break), we will be offering a new provision of supermarket vouchers.

The system we will use during the spring break will be managed by a company called Wonde. Once it has received our payment and instructions, Wonde will send an email and/or text message to parents with a request that they choose their supermarket e-vouchers : 5 x £2.30.  This represents the weekly school meal cost.

After the spring break, a new supermarket voucher scheme by the Department for Education (DfE) will then be implemented.

When the summer term starts on 20th April, the DfE system will take effect, delivered by a different company – Edenred.  The DfE increased the weekly payment to £15.00 to help the cost of shopping go further.  Edenred will send an email to parents with an e-voucher for £60.00 representing four weeks' worth of vouchers.  If, at the end of the four weeks, schools are still closed to most pupils, we will reissue vouchers.  

We appreciate that the different meal provisions may not be ideal, but we are following guidance that has been created in response to this national emergency.

To clarify, these are the systems will be using for free school meals:


Until Friday 3rd April 2020

Packed lunch grab and go bags (Use the trip as part of your daily exercise, and practice social distancing at all times)

Monday 6th – Friday 17th April 2020 (Spring Break)

£11.50 Asda e-voucher - Wonde  email and/or text

Monday 20th April onwards

£60.00 e-voucher for 4 weeks - Edenred  email

Please note that packed lunches and vouchers are only for pupils entitled to free school meals and NOT universal infant meals (F1, Y1 & Y2).

If your child is not currently entitled to free school meals, but believe you should be, you can apply online below:

If you completed an free school meals consent form previously, please be assured that the online free school meals system checks the financial status of parents and updates the school if you become eligible.  In this case, we will contact parents to confirm.

Please direct any queries to the school email :

Mrs H. Tickell
School Business Manager