Forest School - Tesco Visit March 2017

This term our year 5’s have experienced cooking at Forest School!  We had visitors, Debbie and Karen, from Tesco who very kindly supplied all the fruit and vegetables to roast. The children listened as Debbie and Karen who spoke about the importance of eating the right food and having a healthy balanced diet.

The aim of the session was to encourage the children to try new tastes of food that they may not normally eat. They learnt how to carefully put the vegetables onto a skewer, one by one, ready to roast over the fire pit. We had lots of variety to choose from including red and green peppers, mushrooms, red onion, halloumi cheese, chorizo and tomatoes. For our 'fruit delights' we had orange, apple and banana all wrapped in foil and roasted in the fire! 

The children reported they had great fun preparing the skewers and tasting new flavours!