Year 6

Spring Term - Year 6

Welcome back, we hope that you have had a lovely Christmas and a great new year. We are looking forward to getting back into the swing of Year 6 and term 2 is super important. 

Our Learning:

Our creative curriculum this term will focus on the International Slave Trade. We will study some significant first-hand accounts of the events which led up to it and the impact it had on African culture and America. We will be making a Jambalaya and looking at the foods and ingredients from the culture as well as tasting and thinking about why they use such items. 


Home Learning:

As the year is progressing we will now be focusing more on the necessary skills of Maths, English and Reading.  This will be given out weekly and expected in the following week. We appreciate any support that you can give your child when completing this and encourage children to also attend homework club held after school on a Tuesday and a Thursday. 

You will still be expected to do the following as ongoing learning for the year:

  • Learn times tables each week to become fast and efficient in their application for a test on Monday

  • Read every day for at least 10 mins in order to gain fluency and of course grow your mind! Complete and hand in log every Monday.

  • Learn spellings each week in order to identify patterns and use them in unfamiliar words for a test on Friday

  • Complete a Maths and English homework each week

  • Complete your homework project and hand in the last week before half term holiday

  • Bring your PE kit in for a lesson on Thursday

SATS Support
Please see below examples of SATs papers that pupils will be sitting in May. The SATS will take place in May so please avoid any leave of absence during this time. 
Mr Ashton runs Homework Clubs (Tue/Thur) and is able to specifically help your child with Maths during this time. If you would like your child to attend just let us know on the day.
Helping your child with SATs
Click on the links below to help support your child with SATs. 
  • Ms N O'Toole

    Year 6 Class Teacher (Mon-Thu)

  • Mrs A Gale

    Year 6 Class Teacher (Wed-Fri)

  • Mr R Ashton

    Year 6 Teaching Assistant