Year 2

 It's Summer 2
 In this term we will be learning about the sea and the habitats surrounding them.
We will be taking a really good look at the rivers around us - The Mersey and The Dee.
We will be reading a book called 'Dougal's Deep-sea Diary' by Simon Bartran.

In our class work, we will be learning all about habitats. These are the places where living creatures live.

There are many habitats around the world.

We will visit Thurstaston Common to look at beach habitats and woodland habitats. We will also look at some of the habitats around our local area.

Here are some great websites for children where you can learn about habitats: 

BBC Habitats



Wild Kratts


   And here are some times table games you can practise on:

Topmarks Times Table Games

  Times Table Games

 And here is a quick link to Bug Club:

Bug Club

  • Miss Lisa Sheridan

    Senior Leader and Year 2 Teacher

  • Miss Nancy Harris

    Year 2 Teaching Assistant