Year 1

Summer Term 2
Welcome back Year 1!
We have a busy term ahead of us!
Some reminders first:
Phonics Screening week 12.06.17
P.E. White T-shirt, black shorts and black P.E. pumps for our P.E. lessons on Fridays and Sports Day and a P.E. trip in July.
Our new topic this term is entitled: Map it Out
To help us with this topic we will study the text, How to Find Gold.
Image result for how to find gold book
This book will help us with instructional writing and story telling as well as helping us to develop maths directional language and geography maps skills.
We will be looking at maps, atlases and globes to locate the four countries of the UK, and hot and cold places. In addition we will compare Birkenhead with a village in Kenya.
We will also be looking at our local area and use our knowledge of places to help us construct a map of the local area.
Do you live near or far from the school?
Can you draw a map of your journey to school? What do you see on the way? Are there any landmarks? Do you turn left or right at all?
For Science we will be working scientifically using our Science topic Treasure Island and investigating materials we could use to build a raft to escape.
We will also be observing mini-beasts in our local area. What do you think you will see?
History: Who was Joseph Paxton? How do you enjoy the work he did in 1843 today?
Art: We will study the artist Van Gogh and use his work as inspiration for our art work on sunflowers.