Year 4 Summer 1 2018

Welcome to Summer Term 1

Around the World

Around the World

We are now in our last term children and our new topic is called 'Around the World!'

We will be having lots of fun learning about different places around the world, and how they compare to our own town of Birkenhead. We will be looking at the physical and human features of each place, using these in our map-reading and compass work.

We will have some interesting trips, where we will need to find our own way back!!


Below are some great children's sites where you can do some pre-learning:

Ordnance Survey Skills


  See You See Me Site


 Map Match

Kids Geo

 Welsh Hub

Grid References


Things to remember:


  • Our PE day is Tuesday with black shorts/leggings/tracksuit bottoms, a white top and black pumps.
  • All your clothes need to be labelled so that we have no mix up!


You will get 3 pieces of homework a week.

  • Tuesday: English homework which must be handed in on Wednesday.
  • Thursday: Maths homework which must be handed in on Friday.
  • Friday: You will receive your spellings. You have a week to learn these before being tested the following Friday and then receiving new spellings.

Should anyone not finish their homework, children will complete it during lunchtime homework clubs, unless children are already attending after-school homework clubs.


  • You must read your reading book every day. If you haven't read your reading book, reading your Bug Club book is acceptable.
  • All children must read at home at least 4 times a week.
Rewards for consistent reading will be given out and reading logs will be checked.


In Science, we will be learning about Electricity. We will look sat how the items we use everyday use electricity, and how we use it safely. You will create your own circuits, becoming familiar with the different parts, their scientific names and their symbols. You will be able to explain why some circuits work and others don't, creating switches and being able to explain why some materials are insulators and others are conductors. 


 Below are some hyperlinks that you can use to complete some pre-learning.

Science for Kids
Learning about Circuits 
DK Find Out
Known Facts and Reading Links
In order to practise your timetables, here is a quick link to 'Hit the Button':
And if you want to access Bug Club, here is a quick link to that: 
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